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Full-Service Mold Remediation in Indianapolis, Indiana

Remove mildew from your environment with mold remediation services from Fresh Air Solutions & Tech in Indianapolis, Indiana. One out of five furnaces contain mold, which causes increased allergy symptoms, and in some cases, pneumonia.

Mold - Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

The part of your furnace that produces your air conditioning (evaporator coils) produces water in the form of condensation. When that component gets dirty, you end up with dirt soaking in water, which can produce mold in the summer months. Symptoms of mold infestation include persistent runny noses, coughs, and headaches.

Crawl Spaces

Moisture in your home's crawl spaces can cause mold and rot your house. Signs you may have a problem include sagging floors and a musty smell. With our help, you are able to prevent moisture and remove mold from your crawl spaces.

Contact us in Indianapolis, Indiana, to maintain the structure of your home with our mold remediation and moisture removal services.