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Thorough Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning in Indianapolis, Indiana

Remove dust and extend the life your system with air duct and HVAC cleaning services from Fresh Air Solutions & Tech in Indianapolis, Indiana. With our help, you are able to breathe cleaner air in your home.


Air Duct Cleaning

Gain a 50% to 60% improvement in the quality of your home's air. First, your HVAC system is put under negative pressure. Our team then removes debris with various high-pressure air tools. In addition to cleaner air, this service cleans up the dust in your home.

Warning Signs

It might be time to clean your ducts if you are seeing large amounts of dust on furniture. Another sign is that your allergy symptoms are increasing. This service takes between two to four hours. Depending on variables, air duct cleaning and maintenance should be performed every three to seven years.


HVAC Cleaning

It makes no sense to clean all of your ductwork while neglecting your furnace. HVAC cleaning improves your air quality and extends the life of your furnace. This service includes cleaning the components and interior of the furnace and should be performed every three to four years.

Contact us in Indianapolis, Indiana, to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.